Table for the Night

Posted on May 1, 2021 by Jeremy Tuck

Come celebrate re-opening on the 29th May, with a table for the night at your favourite vegan bistro!

This is a four-course set menu – focusing on your Supplant “favourite” dishes. Tickets are £30 per seat, but we’ve organised the bistro into a minimum of 2 seats, then we’ve got tickets for 3 seats and 4 seats. Rather than purchase individual tickets, therefore, you’ll purchase the table size you require.

This is one sitting – which means you get to keep the table all night. Once you’ve purchased tickets we’ll be in touch about your time preference (anywhere between 7 pm and 8 pm) – we’re quite relaxed about this, but still, need to plan our kitchen capacity 😉

We’ll be in contact with you about which items you want from each course, to help the kitchen prep the food and know numbers.

🍷 A drinks menu will be available on the night and you’ll be able to separately purchase soft drinks, beers, wines and cocktails as required. 🍸

How to book your place

Please book your tickets on Eventbrite.  Tickets come as either a table of 2, 3, or 4.

Please contact Jeremy or Jo on  if you have any other questions in the meantime.

The Menu

Please see the menu here.  (Please see the pics below!)

Four-Course Dinner!


Southern fried strips & salad (contains nuts)

Crumbed southern fried soy pieces, mango, and toasted pecan salad.

Aubergine scallops (GF)

Made from baby aubergines, marinated with miso glaze on a bed of parsnip puree


Kebab in lettuce cups (GF)

Marinated grilled soy cups with onion, tomato, herbs & apricot.  Created your wrap!

Arancini balls

Cheesy risotto balls coated in golden breadcrumbs with a marinara sauce

Baked shamembert (for two to share) (GFO, contains nuts)

Whole Honestly Tasty shamembert baked in garlic & rosemary with olive bread to dip.


Oyster Mushroom Steak (GF)

Amazing, marinated oyster mushrooms steak, with herb-infused roast potatoes and broccoli with sesame seeds.

Massaman curry (GF, contains nuts – could be made nut free)

A rich Thai curry and jasmine rice, It’s a fusion of flavours made with jackfruit, sweet potato, vegetables, lemongrass, ginger, peanuts, lime leaves and coconut.

fettucine ‘alla puttanesca’

Fresh house-made fettucine in the Italian way, with capers, chilli flakes, kalamata olives and tomatoes

Superseder burger (GFO, some cheeses contain nuts)

Perfectly grilled beyond meat patty, lettuce tomato, gherkins in a brioche bun with choice of cheese (gouda, insteddah cheddah, shamembert, veganzola) and sauce (supplant, bacon & cheese, or hot mango scotch bonnet) – served with fries & salad


Orange-Choc Mousse cake (GF)

Dark choc mousse on top of an orange-infused biscuit base, berry jus, topped with blush oranges, strawberries and dried raspberries.

Biscoff lemon cheesecake

lotus biscoff base, lemon & cream cheese filling, and a drizzle of biscoff sauce

Crème brûlée (GF)

A silky, smooth vanilla custard with a crunchy caramalised top