South Africa Night

Posted on June 8, 2021 by Jeremy Tuck

Come celebrate our famously long-awaited South Africa Night on 26th June – with a Table for the Night at your favourite vegan bistro!

Table for the Night

This is a three-course set menu focusing on our favourite traditional South African dishes (made vegan of course).  Tickets are £30 per seat and we’ve organised the bistro into a minimum of 2 seats. Then we’ve got tickets for 3 seats and 4 seats. Rather than purchase individual tickets, therefore, you’ll purchase the table size you require.


This is one sitting – which means you get to keep the table all night. Once you’ve purchased tickets we’ll be in touch about your time preference (anywhere between 7 pm and 8 pm) – we’re quite relaxed about this, but still, need to plan our kitchen capacity 😉

Sorry, we’ve sold out!

Please contact Jeremy or Jo on  if you have any other questions in the meantime.

The Menu

The best part about the menu is…..  🎉  you don’t have to choose!   To allow you to try each of the dishes, we’ll be serving them ALL so you get to try everything. And don’t worry, we won’t be stingy….. we’ll err on…. bingey..

The menu is here.  You’ll be getting 2 starters, a course with 3 mains and 3 portions of dessert – so quite a meal. And this will inlcude Bobotie, Wors, Koeksisters, and Melktert. If you haven’t had any of those yet…. you’ll love ’em.

🍷 A drinks menu will also be available on the night and you’ll be able to separately purchase soft drinks, beers, wines and cocktails as required. 🍸

Traditional boere-style wors…. mmmmmmm.