Healthy food should always taste this good.

About Us

We’re a passionate London-based vegan business and we want taste. Great, big juicy taste. Our aim is to make food so good, it doesn’t matter if you’re vegan or not.

Our journey started with a desire to find new vegan places to eat. Thankfully there are dozens of options now. It’s amazing. However, we’re also passionate to provide a menu that is 100% vegan, prepared by people whose values are embedded in everything we do, so you can be assured of the preparation and approach.

Of course, we’re out to prove that ALL food should be vegan. Too many plant-based foods are, well, very planty – you end up eating a whole garden of compromise! Our aim is to supplant the idea that meat is necessary, by delivering an itinerary of meals from around the world.  So, we’re embracing the Baconut Butty (with fried Banana – a must try of sweet and salt playing superbly together), our Tofu Curry & Chapati and Spicy Chilli & tortilla crisps (made with that traditional choc-secret) and then some Sweet Dreams like our amazing Banana bread and ice-cream.

We want vegans to be overjoyed with what they eat and a few curious carnivores to be impressed.



Britain – Baconut Butty (and … Banana!)

sweet banana & salty crunchy baconut – yum!


India – Tofu Curry & chapati

rich flavour and full of beans


Mexico – Spicy Chilli & tortilla

spicy beans and mince with a traditional secret


Italy – Lasagne

layers that never meet; how can this be so cheesy


America – Hot Dog

something to yap about, with ketchup and mustard.



cheese and ham, pepperjack cheese and tomato, chick’n and mayo, chorizo, cheese & chutney or sausage and tomato.

100% VEGAN, 100% YUMMY

All our food is plant-based and ethically sourced. We used the finest ingredients in all of our delicious food in pursuit of making your experience memorable and MOREish.


Fair trade & Organic

Our ingredients are sourced ethically to bring you fresh, organic and delicious food and with the environment in mind.


Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging is all made from plants, compostable and chemical free.


Vegan cleaning

Our cleaning products and furniture are always animal-free and ethically produced.


We have a new place in Crouch End and will let you know all the details very soon! 


Opening Hours

We have currently closed the lovely Pop-up, but for very very good reasons.  Please keep watching this space and follow us on Instagram.